Our Story

We are a concerned group of individuals who have studied human nature, and have noticed that, without proper guidance and direction, our own nature wreaks tremendous havoc; breaking our most valuable assets, the connections between us.

With that in mind, sharing that concern with others, and making it a mutual concern is really the only way true change will occur.  This huge task is a great undertaking, but not impossible when people unite with an altruistic desire to connect, by coming together in a circle.

For centuries, groups have gathered in circles in the hopes of uniting around a common goal.  We utilize the circle in our workshops to do just that.  Our goal is to have participants experience a connection like no other.

Our world today is at a crossroads.  There is something clearly missing which is causing a tremendous disconnect, a true lack of fulfillment.  The Circle Experience creates that connection that is lacking in life.

We can impress upon you the infinite benefits that a Circle Experience Workshop would have on your life, but really the only way to get a feel for what it is all about is to “Come and See” for yourself.  We offer both physical(where available) and virtual options.

“Small circles glittering idly in the moon, until they melted all into one track of sparkling light.”

-William Wordsworth